This saddle was built for Linda Shore renown Western Dressage rider and clinician.

 When you need a saddle to sit you in the most correct position and allow your horse to move without restriction you can count on this one.
Built on a narrow waist Visalia “A Fork” tree the saddle offers extreme comfort, so not only do you ride correctly you can ride all day.

The Western dressage saddles are built on a range of trees to give you exactly what you need to perform at your highest levels.

You can also option your new saddle with carving and or silver to your desires to make it uniquely yours.


The Silver Sabre

Purchased for Western Dressage but built to be ridden, anywhere anytime.
Correct seat for proper position and comfort and it had to look pretty as well.
Silver rope roll, silver horn cap and polished engraved stirrups go to make this
A saddle designed to cut through the competition.

This is one of our dedicated Cowboy dressage saddles
Built on a specially designed Wade style tree this saddle features a more narrow waist seat for superior comfort for long days riding right from the start.

Correct seat and stirrup placement gives the rider every opportunity to extract the best from their horses and themselves.
Cutaway sheepskin lined skirts allow a closer contact and are designed so girth tightness can be minimized.
This is a lighter weight high quality saddle that can still be roped off if so desired and give you the best of all worlds.


This is what Gail said about this saddle.

Omg... Can honestly say.. My twin 'cowgirl dressage' saddles are so very very comfy, even though they are brand spanking new... Such amazing craftsmanship by John Allington.. Plus the Wade tree/dressage seat holds you in 'correct' riding position... Best of both worlds!!!! 😍Simple elegance on the horse's back!!


Lady Butterfly Wade

This Lady Butterfly Wade at just on 11kg is built light to make it a whole lot easier to place on your horse and handle when not.
No compromise in the saddles integrity, tough where it needs to be and lighter where it can be. Comfortable for both you and your horse.
Cutaway skirts and fenders with the Nevada twist lets the rider get an early leg aid.
This might be one of our Western Dressage most popular saddles yet.
Good colour range to suit every taste.